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FINALLY! A program designed to make teaching writing EASY and FUN! Disengaged and reluctant writers will LOVE THIS PROGRAM.

Created by a teacher. Designed to make writing easier and more accessible for all students. Effective for English Language Learners, Special Education, and any kiddo who struggles getting ideas on paper. Perfect for Literacy Centers, Small Group work, or even whole class instruction.

The Brainiacs Essential Starter Kit includes: 

  • 10 Brainiacs Instructional Videos for the KIDS
  • 10 Facilitator Plans (Digital) for the TEACHER
  • Activity Sheets for the KIDS
  • 400+ pieces LEGO Starter Set curated by Tara
  • 3 BONUS videos, facilitation guides and activity sheets

All Brainiacs Learning Lab products come with access to a special Membership Site with Quick Start guides, In-depth program information, and online access to videos, facilitation guides, and sample lessons. 

We have INCLUDED a starter LEGO kit in this package. Each kit is slightly different. There will be approximately 400 pieces in each bag of LEGOS. This is the PERFECT amount for Literacy Centers. 

If you would like to add more LEGO kits, visit our online store! We purchase directly from LEGO. We do not mark up the cost. We simply make it easier for you. 

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The Essential Starter Kit has everything you need to get started with Brainiac Learning Lab Literacy program. We have included 10 essential lessons plus 3 BONUS lessons.  

These lessons teach skills in all 4 areas of the English Language Arts Standards. 

Ages 5-10

The Essential Starter Kit includes the following lessons: 

  • The LEGO Playdate
  • SwitchaRoo  (2+ kiddos)
  • Sneelock Snafu
  • Decisions, Decisions
  • The Missing Page
  • The C.I.B. (Bonus)
  • Build the Setting
  • The Writing Machine
  • Story Map: In the beginning
  • Story Map: Kaboom
  • Story Map: Wrap it Up
  • In the Beginning (Kindergarten Instructions)
  • Kaboom (Kindergarten Instructions)

Note: This package includes a basic LEGO starter set, which can be used buy 4-5 children at a time. This is ideal for a Literacy center or small group learning. If you would like to add additional LEGO kits to your order, go to our Brainiacs Store where additional kits are available.  We also recommend adding the Fantasy Minifigure Set to this program to further expand every kiddo's creative mind.