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We work diligently to evolve our programs, approach and student engagement, based on your feedback. Satisfaction is at the forefront of our minds, when relating to all the touchpoint of our student outreach and school implementation. We take your comments seriously. Read a few of our testimonials below. Feel free to leave a testimonial of your own. If you do not have a testimonial, but need to contact Brainiacs Learning Lab®, do so here.

100 percent of my students were engaged with the brainiacs learning! I loved using legos to tell stories and how my students were encouraged to think outside the box and be creative! Tara has a very respectful and warm manner with the children, and my students loved her.
— Robyn Thompson, Teacher
I am very impressed with how quickly my students writing proficiency has improved as a result of their work with Brainiacs! I am also seeing great progress in their problem-solving skills in math and science. The Brainiacs program is paying off with an interdisciplinary approach, which is exactly what teachers love to see as we attempt to reach students in a 21st Century learning environment.
— Shane, 3rd Grade Teacher

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