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Welcome to Brainiacs Learning Lab. 

Where kids become better readers and writers by:

READING more. WRITING more. TALKING more. 

Brainiacs Learning Lab provides innovative LEGO® based Literacy lessons for kids ages 5 to 10. 

Our lessons are easy and effective way to help students become better readers and writers!

The best part is that the kiddos are having so much fun playing with LEGOS they don't even realize they are learning!

Watch this video to learn about what Brainiacs does and why it works.


Our Program helps learners become better storytellers.


Making an impact in the lives of  +2500 children and counting...

Let's go!


Read what kids are saying about Brainiacs...

We got to add more details to make a more interesting story.
— Helena, 3rd Grader
It makes me a better writer because now I can write more and longer stories.
— Jiovanny, 4th Grader
I Love Legos! And now I can explain myself better when I write.
— Tiffany, 3rd Grader
I love to build stuff! It’s so fun! I can’t wait to do it again next time.
— Jenna, 1st Grader

Since 2013, Brainiacs Learning Lab® has been creating innovative and targeted learning programs in Literacy and STEM. Our solutions increase student engagement and academic growth in a fun and exiting way.

Brainiacs Learning Lab provides educational opportunities to students (K-6) leveraging LEGO™ Education products. We use 21st Century Skills as the foundation to teach the Common Core Standards (CCSS).

Our Literacy program teaches the 4 component of English Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. We value critical thinking and communication. Our programs build collaboration, creativity, academic language, and problem solving in your learners.

About Brainiacs

To provide innovative educational opportunities that will connect with classroom instruction and promote sustainable learning.

We do this through successful partnerships with schools and families to provide solutions for increasing student engagement and academic growth.

Students have the opportunity to learn beyond the traditional school day, and develop skills that transfer back into the classroom. Best of all, students are highly engaged and become more confident and empowered learners with each lesson. 

Our Mission

Tara is an educational expert and a dynamic leader who is passionate about academic growth and student achievement. She is an expert in classroom management, Literacy, and teacher effectiveness. This has made her one of the most sought-after private teacher coaches in the country. She is also the mom of two wonderful kids and one hilarious Great Dane, Higgins. She holds both a M.Ed in Educational Leadership and a MBA. She completed her BS in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland. GO TERPS! Before founding Brainiacs Learning Lab and The Boertzel Education Group, she was a teacher, instructional coach, RTI specialist, and a Senior Consultant in Educator Effectiveness at the Colorado Department of Education. Join her exclusive coaching group to solve some of your biggest teaching struggles and be the most powerful teacher you can be. 

About Tara

Tara Boertzel, Founder & CEO

Tara Boertzel, Founder & CEO


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